Brand Lab by Penta USA

Through our Brand Lab, we help latin businesses “softly land” their brand in The United States .

As a Brand Incubator, we offer our clients strategic and operational support through their market penetration process. We introduce their Brand to the American market and launch the sale of their products, goods or services.

Brand Incubator Services / Brand Landing


  • Market intelligence (Business intelligence, competition, market research)
  • Activations/ Samplings
  • Product exhibition
  • Corporate events
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Solutions


  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Trade Marketing

Management of Trade Fairs and Expos in the United States

We will help you manage your Trade Show, from start to finish- from our center of operations or from any country in Latin America.
We offer latin businesses and their managers a comprehensive service to stand out and showcase their Brand in trade shows taking place in the U.S.

Through strategic planning we provide assistance with:

  • Stands
  • Graphic design/Industrial Design
  • Production
  • Logistics

We support our clients from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave the U.S.

Market Intelligence

We monitor all feedback regarding your business products, as well as the behavior of your consumers and your competition.

We also analyze and evaluate, opportunities, threats and tendencies through investigations and research.


A brand without an activation plan or a landing plan is like a plane without fuel. It won’t take long before it crashes.
What do you need? Contact us!What do you need? Contact us!