our team

At Penta we are a professional team of publicists, communication experts, creative minds, graphic and industrial designers, producers, technicians and administrators with passion for creativity, innovation, and teamwork.
Camilo Caicedo
Camilo CaicedoCEO Latin America and USA
For 20 years, Camilo has developed and supported teams in Colombia, The U.S., Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras), and the Caribbean region in a creative and strategic manner.
Under his leadership, guidance and Penta’s team commitment, the agency has been awarded over 30 international awards, for advertisements which have succeeded in bringing together the Brand, the heart and mind of a consumer.

“As CEO, my duty is to lead the team to customize solutions for every client and complete our objectives to see results. I work continuously with my team to search and develop strategic and creative goals. These goals allow us to achieve effective and efficient results.”

Silvia Parra
Silvia ParraU.S. Partner- Multiplatform Communication Specialist
Silvia has more than 12 years’ experience as a journalist in the U.S. as well as Colombia. She holds degrees in Journalism, Corporate Communications and Social Communications.

“ I am convinced that by taking advantage of online resources and strategic communication through experiences and emotions, one can capture the heart and mind of a consumer. In doing so, we generate change in consumer habits with results in sales and brand loyalty.”

Manuel Vásquez
Manuel VásquezCountry Manager Costa Rica & Panama
Manuel is an adventurous publicist who knows and understands how to adapt to an ever changing market. He has mastered the newest trends and demands to offer tailored results to our clients. Based in Costa Rica, Manuel manages the pool of clients in Central America. He has also established successful relationships with those clients during the last 9 years.

“My focus lies in making sure that within the business there is an unsurpassed quality in the way we treat each other. This is key to a good working environment which is evident in the success of our advertising campaigns and the satisfaction of our clients. Positive thinking makes everything flow smoothly. It also make us a developed and quality business!!”

Santiago Calderón
Santiago CalderónCountry Manager Guatemala y Honduras
For the last 8 years, Santiago has not only led the markets in Guatemala, Honduras and Salvador, but has also involved himself in every aspect of his team’s projects. This is one of the many reasons why Santiago has been able to establish such long lasting relationships with his clients and while doing so promote their brands in a dynamic and unique market.

“ I think that creativity consists of awakening the consumer, the desire to imagine and this helps us organize relevant strategies. Working as a team with our client, we develop winning strategies that help us generate positive feedback from the client.”