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Our Clients Testimonials

“To me Penta is: Personalized attention, diversity and quickness.”
Leidis Alabarca – Trade Marketing - Kellogg’s Centroamérica
A very well planned and executed event. Al things considered, Penta has allowed us to have various successful activities in generating demand. In addition to their delicate and impeccable service to our guests, Penta responds in a quick manner to our requests and always follows through on their promises. These qualities are what sets them apart from other agencies.

Luis Camilo Rodríguez - Marketing Manager Enterprise Business Group - Lenovo Colombia
“I love working with the Penta team. They always deliver great results efficiently and with a great attitude.”
Irene Tirado, Mercadeo Vendome
I wanted to thank you for the successful event in Cartagena. It was spectacular overall with variations and changes which only served to better the event. Mr. Camilo delivered more than what he promised, as he supervised the event personally and didn’t sleep until the job was done. I hope to repeat this experience again soon!
Anderson Ortiz - Marketing Director - Fox Latinoamérica, FOX
After 9 years of working with Penta, my opinion is simple. This is a strategic, tactical and precise agency, focused on results with a sense of value just right for their client.

Juan Manuel Riveros - Trade Marketing Manager, O Boticário

Customer Recognition Letters

Hello Camilo,

I wanted to thank you for the spectacular job you guys did for our stand in the Tecnotelevision Expo. I know that this time around there was an immense amount of work. I would like to thank you and your team for the support you’ve given us. We were very pleased with the results and look forward to working with you in the future.


We will stay in touch.

Best Regards,


The truth is that we were very satisfied with Penta’s work. They surpassed all our expectations. Given that the event was organized from Argentina, it was imperative to find an agency that could adapt and resolve any challenge while being my eyes and ears throughout the process of production.

Creativity, efficiency, and extensive experience is what the Penta team demonstrated at Microsoft’s CXO Forum in Miami.

Thanks for everything.!

I personally wanted to THANK YOU and your team again for the above and beyond service that was provided in Bogota last week!  Everyone was extremely professional and accommodating.  I will be sure to send you the final cut of the video once completed so you can share with your team!

I have a good feeling there will be more projects in the future we can partner with Penta again, lets keep in touch!


David Teska
Senior Production Manager

Havas Impact

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Cavipetrol and Ecopetrol for the successful event we had in the Ecopetrol Club.I know that organizing an event of this magnitude is very time consuming and requires the utmost attention to detail.

It was very important to us that everything was preplanned and coordinated especially since this was the first event of its kind. The president of Ecopetrol, who attended, was extremely pleased with the event.

The result of satisfaction surveys yielded 4.7/5.0 , making it an extremely successful event.

Lastly i would like acknowledge how this event reaffirmed the confidence I have in Penta’s team. They always show a tremendous sense of responsibility and incredible detail in their work. That being said, i would like to thank all of the Penta Team members.

Sonia Mercedes Marin Gonzalez
Well Being Leader.

Corporation of Workers and Pensioners of Ecopetrol S.A. -Cavipetrol

We want to thank Penta’s team for delivering in their promise, excellent attitude, and also for their work ethic. They did a wonderful job. This can be seen from the results as well as the feedback we have received from internal personnel from BAT. We would also like to thank them for their supervision and attention to detail throughout the process.

Great promise, great attitude, and great results!!!
The doors remain open so that we may work together again in the future.

Eugenia González
Marketing Deployment Executive
British American Tobbaco Central America

“Thank you so much for your proposal. In all honesty, we loved it. Three of the main characteristics we look for in an agency are: Creativity, Honesty, and their focus on our slogan.

We look forward to working with you!!!

Rebecca Villalobos
Tissue CA brand associate
SCA Consumer Mexico and Central America.

“ I haven’t had time to thank you for the support during the launching of Dunhill Switch We are very happy and satisfied. Everything was spectacular and well above our expectations.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

Ana Herrera
Marketing Deployment Executive
BAT Sucursal Costa Rica

“Hello everyone! We want to thank you for a successful event. We have only received positive feedback for the event as well as out product.

The production on Penta’s part was impeccable. We hope to keep having events like this on in the near future.


Juan Zúñiga
Rapsodia Lounge

Thank you guys so much or all your support during our event. Superb job, we are extremely happy.!!

Best Regards!

Melara, Joselyn

“Great Job! Thanks to the entire team for their hard work!

Viviana Vargas
Marca Saba Association.

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